My 24th Birthday- Michelle Roller Photography

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I turned 24 last Tuesday and I have to say it was a major relief. People always seem to ask if you feel different once you’ve broken midnight on your birthday. I do feel different. I feel better. For a year I’ve been in an endless circle of hurt and heartbreak. 23 really took it’s toll and I don’t know why it held so much loss and sadness for me. I wont ever understand that. I just know I will deal with the effects of 23 for the rest of my life.  Right now I’m hopeful that this new year will be bright, more positive and bring back who I really am. God knows I’m working on it.

Luckily my birthday started things off on the right foot. It was such a beautiful, sunshine filled day with my loved ones. We drove to the coast listening to my favorite songs and I got to take photos in a lupine meadow. I had a french garden theme and covered the table in wild looking bouquets of roses, lilies and iris. I had some birthday macarons and the cutest little cake. I’m so thankful for my family and friends who love me and worked so hard to make it such a lovely and comforting day. So yeah, I’m excited to be 24. It’s a new beginning and I’m ready for it.



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