Second Shooter contract

    Second Photographer Contract

    This agreement is between Michelle Roller, hereafter referred to as the studio, and an independent contractor whose name and address appears above, referred to as the contractor.

    1. Independent Contractor
    The contractor and the studio hereby specifically agree that the contractor is performing the services as an independent contractor and is not an employee of the studio. This agreement is not an employment agreement, nor does it constitute a joint venture or partnership between the contractor acting as the second photographer and Michelle Roller.

    2. Payment
    The studio agrees to pay the contractor depending on the number of hours worked at the event. That payment will be made via app within 24 hours of the event.

    3. Digital Media Memory Cards
    The contractor will be photographing every image at the event on the studio's digital media memory cards. The studio requires that the event be photographed in RAW format and that all original digital files are relinquished to the studio upon completion of the contracted job.

    4. Copyright and Usage
    All images are property of Michelle Roller and the Michelle Roller Studio. The contractor is not allowed to use the images captured for any purposes. The contractor agrees not to use or sell the images in any manner which includes publicly displaying images on social platforms, websites, etc.

    5. Business Representation
    The contractor agrees to only represent Michelle Roller during the event. The contractor is not permitted to promote his or her own business. This includes networking with other vendors. Only the studio's business information should be given out. The contractor's sole responsibility with regards to clients is to promote Michelle Roller. The contractor agrees not to contact the clients in any manner including on social media.

    6. Creative control
    The contractor agrees that the studio retains creative control during the event. The contractor will cooperate with the studio and defer to their professional judgment in photographic matters.

    7. Liability
    The studio is not liable for any loss or damage to the contractor’s equipment, vehicle, or personal belongings under this contract. The studio is also not liable for any personal injury or sickness that may occur during or after the event.

    8. Equipment
    The contractor is responsible for providing his/her own photographic equipment including cameras, flashes, batteries, etc. The only equipment the studio provides will be the aforementioned digital media memory cards.

    Please sign with below:

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    Michelle Roller
    P.O. Box 2545 Atascadero CA 93423
    Copyright 2023

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