Pre-wedding info

 Tips for your day

  1. Two words; Unplugged ceremony. If I can give you the best piece of advice I would say do this. I strongly recommend having signage at your ceremony site and your officiant letting guests know to put away their phones the entire ceremony. Guests trying to get shots with their phones inhibit our workflow and frankly get in the way. Also it’s always a bummer when you look out to your loved ones and all you see are phones. If they are on their phone, they aren’t in the moment.

2. Bring a nice hanger we can use to photograph your dress. You definitely don’t want a shitty plastic hanger displaying your expensive gown.

3. Try to keep your getting ready spot as clean as possible. When we arrive we always have to move things and it takes up a good chunk of time to do so.

4. When we arrive, make sure to have set aside your wedding details- jewelry, shoes, rings, veil, cuff links, tie, ect…which brings me to my next tip.

5. Have an extra set of your invitations for us to photograph while you are getting ready. They make for great detail photos.

6. Don’t get your hair and makeup done last. If you have to wait for your girls to get made up, it may throw off your timeline and make you behind schedule. You’re the bride, you are the most important.

7. Think about scheduling some time just for your bridal portraits. These are images of just YOU in your gown that you will want when you are 80 years old.

8. Remember that your first look is specific reserve time just for the two of you!(This also goes for sunset photos too)

9. Don’t feel afraid to collaborate on ideas with me. I love your ideas! What I don’t love are shot lists. Other than your family list, I really do not need one. If you have some specific ideas you think would be rad with you and your partner, let me know! I’d love to get creative with you.

10. Inform your important family members on your family list that they will be needed after your ceremony for photos so they don’t wander off.

11. Expect the unexpected. No wedding day can go exactly as planned, but make sure you go with it and enjoy your day! Don’t get caught up in the stress.


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