London England- travel photography

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London England- travel photography

London for us was a strange time. It was very cold and raining most of the 3 days we visited, but astonishingly we made so much our of our time there. It was kinda crazy. We learned that most of the museums are free to the public, and since everything is insanely expensive in England, we jumped at the chance to see the sights without paying hefty pounds. Every day we ventured to out of our basement hostel room, down 4 blocks and over three to the London Underground station, then 5-6 stations south into the heart of the city. I actually don’t have a lot of photos from London because of all the traveling we had to do all over. We must have zigzagged all over a dozen times. On our first night we braved the freezing winds to find a very loud fish and chips bar below the streets. We had a lot of fish and chips on our Europe trip but non compared to the kind we had in Denmark. Plus we went to a “famous” place in London with the “best” fish and chips with ending up costing over 50 for both of us. Kind of crazy. I think that’s part of the reason London was so hard on us. It was close to the end of our trip, we were cold and tired and running out of our trip fund, and bam, London happened. It’s safe to say London was our least favorite of the cities we traveled to.

We went to the Museum of Natural history, the National Gallery, the Imperial war museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the British museum. Museums after museum. We saw some of the most famous pieces of art and artifacts in the world like the Rosetta Stone, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and Monet’s water lilies, among prehistoric dinosaur skeletons and Nazi Germany relics. London really does have an amazing array of museums which is definitely a big plus.

We strolled through Hyde park, laughing. We smelled the amazing produce at the 1000 year old Borough market, where I bought my dad some hand made peanut brittle. I let a perfect stranger hold my treasured camera and take the only big camera photo Pete and I have from our trip together.

On our last day in Europe we woke up in London and went to sleep back in my bed in Atascadero, California. I woke up one continent, in another country, flew 10 hours to LA and drive four hours home to be in my own bed.

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