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Meet Michelle


I’m Michelle.

I’m born and raised in San Luis Obispo county, with an ardent love of life. My heart is cluttered with my cats, Disneyland, and holidays.

I am inspired by light, the beauty of reality, and the changing scenery from an airplane window.

I have a background in Art History and have closely studied some of the most famous pieces of art in the world.

I’ve found my way into Nylon Magazine while working as a blogger/brand ambassador/photographer for Collection B clothing.

In brief, I'm Christmas and Halloween. I'm a romantic realist, sarcastic cat lady who loves the adorable and the strange.

Facts and Favorites

– I’m an annual pass holder for Disneyland. It’s my happy place.  

– My favorite show ever is Seinfeld.

– I believe in a good pair of boots.. or two or three.

– My Favorite artists are Andy Warhol and Eyvind Earle.

– If I wasn’t a photographer I would be a professional gift wrapper.

– Nothing is more comforting to me than my cats purr.

– I’m Pescatarian (vegetarian who also sometimes has fish)

– I’m Brazilian. My mother was born in Recife, Brazil.

– I plan trips constantly, even if it’s just to a new place I scouted on Yelp.

–Every day begins and ends with my skincare routine. I’m obsessed with mostly clean clinical and vegan products.

– I would describe myself as a high functioning introvert.

–  If you look long enough you’ll definitely find me inside a Tiki bar.

– I frequently can be found at home wearing my “work Pjs”.

– My style essentials are velvet dresses and mascara.

– I want a Trader Joes near me at all times.

– I LIVE for Christmas. I keep a small Christmas shrine up all year round to keep me going.

– I’m not a coffee or tea person, but I am a wine person.

– My favorite season is winter. I love how the dead trees the trees look.

– The two quotes I love the most are the exact opposite of each other and I think that says the most about me.